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7 Best Cocktail Party Dresses For 2021 

Are you looking for long or short party dresses? For day and night? Is there a cocktail party this weekend? We bet you must walk in chic cocktail wear. But, what is a cocktail dress? The definition of a cocktail dress is simple: a knee-length party dress. A cocktail dress must be a sleek, elegant, semi-formal attire. If you are looking for chic yet contemporary cocktail party dresses, take a look at Oasis and discover its elegant and stylish collection. Enjoy fabulous discounts on our Oasis voucher codes.


  • A Cocktail Dress 

The length of these dresses is limited to a few inches below the knee. As it is a type of dress used for evening events, it is common for them to have rhinestones or brocades. If you bet on beads and pearls, the rest of the outfit should be simple and sober sans crazy prints or strident colours. The shoes can be medium-heeled. Check out crazy Oasis discount code offers.

Long party dress

  • The Long Party Dress 

It is the most labelled garment in the wardrobe and has a wide variety of possibilities: open backs, thin straps, and subtle necklines. But, it is wise to wear stockings. The long cocktail dress is only worn in evening events.

A Short dress

  • A Short Dress 

The difference with cocktail-type dresses is not so much in length, but in the fabric, which is more straightforward. As it is a type of dress used for daytime events, it is advisable to avoid shimmer, which is more appropriate for evening and night events. Instead, they can be vibrant. For daytime occasions, women can wear hats or headdresses. Kitten heels are an ideal complement.


  • A Sequins Dress 

How to give a festive touch to any party? Chiffons, lace or shimmer are some of the most flaunted party outfits. The sequins are a perfect ornament for your clothes or accessories when you want to dazzle. Of course, you must know how to wear it. Do not overkill the look by making a bold move.


For a festive daytime event, opt for a more discreet look with lighter and less ornate tones. For example, a sequins dress with shoulder pads or cuffs. The sequins in matte tones are less striking and suitable for the day. For an evening party, choose dark tones to wear your sparkling sequins. Click Oasis discount codes for surprise deals and offers.


  • A Halter Dress 

How is the halter neckline? The easiest way to recognize it is to look at how it covers the neck, exposing the shoulders. The dress adjusts to the neck through two straps linked at the nape of the neck and leaves shoulders and backs free. Its current version varies with closed collars and semi-open backs. Unlike the backless dress, a halter dress is quite a flattering neckline. It looks incredible on women with long neck. Likewise, a halter dress is flattering and highlights your curves gracefully.


Here is a little token of love and appreciation for our NHS staff members. Click on our Oasis voucher codes.

A black party dresses 

  • A Black Party Dresses  

If there is a colour that is synonymous with elegance and sobriety, it is black. A black cocktail party dress is a timeless basic that can be used for various events. A black party dress can be a staple in your wardrobe that saves you from going to a wedding, an end-of-the-year party or a birthday. Black chiffon or lace dresses are recommended for formal, elegant events at night.

However, it is not advisable to wear black for a daytime cocktail party since this colour attracts the sun rays. On the other hand, for a daytime cocktail party, make sure to wear brighter shades or pastel palettes.


  • LBD- A Little Black Dress 

The fantastic thing about black is that it goes well with any other colour. For example, a short black party dress can be worn with stilettos and a red clutch or with French blue platforms and a belt. There are endless possible combinations! Take advantage of our fantastic discounts via Oasis voucher codes.


  • Dos’ And Don’ts Of A Cocktail Dress!  

  1. If the celebration is for the day, the short dress is the most appropriate.
  2. Bet on bright colours or prints in the daytime. Pick dresses in a single tone for the afternoon.
  3. Try to avoid glitter and sequins. They are more suitable for the night.
  4. Avoid skintight dresses. They are also more suitable for evening celebrations.
  5. The necklines, even V, should not be too pronounced and provocative.
  6. Always wear stockings with a cocktail party dress, both in summer and winter.
  7. Mid-heeled and low-heeled shoes are suitable for daytime events. The high-heeled for the night.
  8. In the daytime, a cocktail dress must be complemented with a hat. Never wear a hat with a long ball gown.
  9. A summer dress is excellent and easy to wear on any occasion, but it is not your cocktail party dress.
  10. Short dresses and skirts are allowed.
  11. Long party dresses are only suitable if the celebration includes dancing in the evening.
  12. Provoking necklines are not suitable.
  13. Keep a coat or blazer.
  14. Flared dresses are romantic at the same time.


Are you excited to hit the cocktail party this weekend? Make sure you follow the trends and flaunt the style that best suits you. Do not forget to click on our Oasis discount code.


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