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6 reasons why day night blinds are important

To decorate home windows functionally and stylishly, many today choose day night blinds. There are several different types of them, so choosing the most suitable one can be difficult. In addition, it is necessary to take into account in which rooms the blinds hang.

Fabrics do matter, you plan to hang day night blinds or any other type of curtains you should consider picking the right material. A minimalist style interior, which has been very fashionable for the past few years, also suitable for single-color fabrics or fabrics printed with large geometric patterns. 

An additional accent can be obtained by combining two-color fabrics or, for example, by sewing an edging at the bottom of the curtains. Eclectic interiors, which combine different styles, are now becoming more and more relevant.

This means that in such interiors it is possible to experiment with curtains – to choose bright colors, combine various patterns, materials, and textures.

Here are some tips to help you decide more easily.

Day night blinds material

When we visit a curtain or fabric store, our eyes catch day night blinds. You get lost in the huge variety of offers, the abundance of colors and patterns. And when we start to delve into the composition of materials, etc., we are overwhelmed by an avalanche of information, and this only complicates the choice.

The range of day night blinds fabrics is huge – from natural materials (cotton, linen) to mixed or 100 percent. synthetic fabrics.

Keep in mind that while fabrics made from natural materials are now extremely fashionable, they require more sophisticated care. It should also be taken into account that the fabric may shrink or stretch when washing and ironing the curtains.

Therefore, designers usually advisable choosing a mixed fabric with synthetic additives – this will make it easier to maintain the curtains. It is not true that synthetic fabric stands out visually – it is usually impossible to distinguish it from natural cotton or linen.

How to pick the correct material for your day night blinds and curtains

When choosing day night blinds, it is necessary to take into account in which room they will hang. As well as on which side there is a window. Undoubtedly, in a room with windows to the north, designers advise hanging thin day night blinds. Those transmit light well to get as much daylight as possible into the room.

Both day and night blinds are usually hung in the bedroom. Textiles give the room coziness, and night blinds are needed to darken the room. It will improve the quality of sleep. Various solutions are possible on the website. It is possible, for example, to hang only daytime curtains, which partially protect from prying eyes but let in light.

The kitchen usually hangs a variety of blinds, which should be chosen individually. Depending on the distance from the window to the kitchen worktop, stove, and so on. It is therefore recommended, whenever possible, to invite the designer to the house so that he/she can assess all the technical and visual factors.

If this is not possible, it is a good idea to take a photo of the room before going to the salon. That makes it easier for professionals to choose what you need.

Blackout fabrics

The so-called “blackout” fabrics help to protect the room from direct sunlight. Their outer side is covered with a completely impermeable material. It may give the impression that it is a very heavy and dark material, but this is not the case. Blackout fabrics can be relatively light and falling, and come in a variety of colors and textures.

The alternative is roller blinds or blinds made of blackout material. If only blinds are installed in the room, there is a lack of coziness, you can also hang thin day night blinds.

Correct sizes

Before measuring the windows, it would be good to decide what you really need. And also want to see on the windows – curtains, blinds, or both? Often, customers who hear such questions from designers do not know what to answer. So it is very important to think about it in advance.

If you choose curtains, their length should be measured from the cornice to the floor, but keep in mind that there are different cornices. If cornices with rings – measure from the bottom of the ring.

When you come to the salon with your measurements, be sure to indicate on which cornice day night blinds will be hung. Due to that, you can accurately measure the desired length.

If you don’t already have cornices, measure the height from ceiling to floor. It is also worth considering where you will attach the cornice – to the ceiling or to the wall. If the ceiling height is about 2.50 m.

It is better to attach the cornice to the ceiling, it will visually raise the ceiling.

Of course, you also need to measure the width of the window, including the windowsill.

Keep in mind that the curtain cornice must be wider than the window so that the curtains can be completely retracted without covering the glazed part of the windows.

In each specific situation, it is necessary to assess whether cornices and curtains will not look nicer if they cover the entire wall.

Even if the height from floor to ceiling reaches 2.50m, it is rare that it is going to fit exactly so. It is often the case that the height on one side of the window does not coincide with the height on the other side. So it is advisable to measure the height on both sides.

Curtains are usually hung 1 cm above the floor. There may be exceptions – the curtains must be longer. There are fabrics that are supposed to fall on the floor.

Do I have to know how much material I need?

When deciding how many meters of fabric to buy. Follow a very simple rule – the thinner and lighter the fabric, the more folds there should be

This means that very thin day curtains must be 2.5 to 3 times wider than the cornice, and dense and heavier must be 1.5 to 2 times wider.

There are exceptions, of course, but they should be considered separately. Keep in mind that the curtains will still need to be trimmed. A little more material will be needed.

Day night blind accessories

When choosing curtain accessories (various holders, tassels, magnets, etc.). Again you need to consider the fabric – whether they are difficult to hold in a particular position.

Decorative tassels are undoubtedly most suitable for classic interiors. They are attached to a hook, which is fixed to the wall so it fits dense curtains

The magnet will not be enough here, it will not withstand heavy curtains. Magnets are more suitable for lightweight night or day curtains.

You can also match your room paint with day night blinds.

In Conclusion

Choose correct day night blinds because if you won’t be fine with the result there is going to be a lot of work to do to solve it. If you are interested in learning more feel free to visit blind-2-you.

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