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5 Places to Learn Javascript Free and Practically

Presently the most well-known programming language in the world is JavaScript. Initially, it was developed for interactive front-end web development. In recent years JavaScript use cases expanded to incorporate back-end web and application development. This development prompted an increment in the number of individuals who wanted to learn JavaScript. Thus this led to an increment in the quantity of various online courses and instructional exercises for beginners. All of these claim to be the easiest approach to learn JavaScript. To learn any programming language, a great deal of time and commitment is required. The ideal way to learn JavaScript is an online JavaScript tutorial. If you want to learn efficiently, rapidly, and without missing any significant thing, then you should consider selecting an online course.

Online platforms and courses have numerous advantages related to learning JavaScript for beginners. Learning online is flexible. It implies that you can learn wherever and whenever you want. The adaptability of online courses makes them an ideal choice for individuals who cannot focus on physical learning and courses. A lot of these platforms use an effective approach to teach. It is incredible for individuals who have a limited amount of time to learn. It prompts in wasting less time and gaining information.

These courses are cost-effective and can be free of cost also. Plenty of courses on platforms like Coursera, Udacity, or edX are affordable. To learn JavaScript various platforms have various methodologies. These could be through video tutorials, through programming articles, through gaming approach, or through challenges. Firstly you have to sort out the method that suits you the best and let you easily learn. Below are some platforms described by Dew Articles that help you learn JavaScript for free.


Codecademy is one of the best options among free websites to learn numerous technologies online. This website offers many courses including, Java, Git, UNIX command line, and more. However, it becomes popular because of an interactive JavaScript course. One can learn online at a feasible pace with this course. Presently there are more than five million students enrolled in this course which mirrored the popularity of it. For any online free course, this number of enrolled students is very high. To get you started with the dynamically typed, prototype-based, object-oriented programming language rapidly, it has many well explained examples. To cover all basic aspects of JavaScript Codecademy covers all data types and functions and control flow and loops. It offers various tasks and challenges that profoundly test your knowledge and understanding. Codecademy is perfect to choose if you want a solid introduction to JavaScript.


This awesome course is created by Wes Bos. It is a simple, basic and free course. This course is designed for novices, intermediate developers, and designers. It permits you to learn to work in DOM without a library. It let you figure out how to build different thirty applications within a span of thirty days. For learning about building applications, it offers thirty different tutorials without libraries and frameworks. Basic knowledge of JavaScript is required for this course. It helps in avoiding frameworks, design patterns, and any other type of abstraction and proposes to learn application by application. This interactive course is highly recommended for everyone for active learning.

Learn JS:

As recommended by a dissertation help firm, one of the ideal approaches to learn JavaScript in 2021 is through this course. It covers the basics of JavaScript. You have to be familiar with basics, including variables, arrays, functions, classes, objects, HTML, and CSS, for this course. You can learn modern JavaScript and practice it in an intuitive environment. The lessons and challenges provided by this course will guide you step by step in each topic. It has a project-based methodology where all of the concepts are supported. The interactive environment of this course provides you with different short lessons to read and challenges to complete in your browser to learn JavaScript effectively. To make sure about learning best procedures and step by step, all of the challenges in these courses are inspired by real-world projects. This course offers the first 42 lessons, flashcards, projects, and challenges for free. For the access of five years, one can upgrade to a premium account with a one-time payment.

JavaScript Guide at

This website is established by Quincy Larson. It is quite possibly one of the most awesome community sites that assist in learning codes for free. Moreover, it also helps in building real-world projects and finding a new line of work as a developer. It contains a large variety of interactive tutorials, activities, and exercises. All of them assist in learning JavaScript, data structure and algorithms, front-end development, and many more. After completing a course successfully you can also earn certification from this website. This website even has a large Facebook group named free code camp earth. In this group, individuals can freely inquire about anything and even share their own learning experiences. They also have a publication medium named as freeCodeCamp which, is the main medium publication for programming articles. They additionally have a YouTube channel with a lot of free courses on Git, GraphQL, Python SQL, and a lot more. You only have to create your free account in order to learn and access all the tutorials. To begin your coding journey, it is truly a magnificent spot.


It is one of the many online tutorials that are best to learn JavaScript. It is accessible for free for everyone. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, you can learn JavaScript with the help of this tutorial easily and completely. Every concept of JavaScript is explained in detail with the help of examples in this tutorial. The main topic of JavaScript that this tutorial features includes an introduction, syntax, operation, and string methods. It provides with Try it Yourself option that lets individuals test their knowledge, understanding, and programming skills. You can easily scan through this test about how much you have learned from this course. Aside from JavaScript, it additionally gives tutorials about various languages like C++, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Java.

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