4 Indo-Western Menswear Options You Must Check Out

The emergence of Indo-Western wear has revamped the fashion scene in India. The blend of Indian and Western-style characteristics has been finding increased popularity, especially in young men. Those looking for menswear online are getting more attracted to the various options available in Indo-western menswear.

Origin and need for Indo-western menswear

Colonization in India’s past has led to the advent of western sensibilities, not only in the mindset of Indian people but also in their lifestyle and fashion. And naturally, menswear hasn’t remained unimpacted.

The Indian fashion world has embraced the Indo-Western trend wholeheartedly. It has left a lot of room for fashion designers to experiment.

Let’s discuss some options in Indo-western menswear in detail.

●      Achkan

Achkan is a long jacket that reaches the knees. It has a button-down in the middle of the side. It resembles a sherwani but is relatively shorter in length. Also, the fabrics used in Achkans are lighter in texture, making them more suitable for Indo-Western menswear.

Traditionally, an achkan is worn with a churidar pajama. But for an Indo-Western look, it is paired with jeans or trousers. This outfit is perfect for formal occasions like weddings. It offers comfort without compromising on style. Both young and middle-aged Indian men prefer minimalistic achkans with smart cuts. Asymmetric Achkans look sophisticated and stylish. Casual footwear like sneakers is often paired with these.

Though the Achkan originally came from Northern India, it became popular among Rajputs, Marathas, and Sikhs with time. Now it is worn in marriages and festivals for its regal appearance.

●   Nehru Jackets

A Nehru jacket is a tailored, hip-length jacket with a Mandarin collar. Popularized by the first Indian Prime Minister — Jawaharlal Nehru — these jackets have found a permanent place in Indo-Western menswear. The Nehru jacket has evolved from Achkans. However, it is a much shorter version of the latter.

Nehru jackets are known for their versatility. Their sleek and lean appearance is perfect for a trendy Indo-Western look. Sleeveless and unbuttoned Nehru jackets are worn with kurta pajamas or jeans to accentuate the Indo-Western look. To amp up the style, it is also worn with Jodhpur pants for an elite look. Pocket-squares are often added in Nehru jackets to jazz them up for party wear.

Nehru jackets were originally made of khadi. Nowadays, lighter fabrics are used for casual wear, while rich, luxurious fabrics such as Banarasi silk and brocade are used for formal wear.

●  Kurta Pajama with Waistcoat

A waistcoat is a close-fitting sleeveless coat. It looks similar to a Nehru jacket, but there are a few basic differences between them. A waistcoat has no collars and is always sleeveless.

For a polished Indo-Western look, waistcoats are worn with kurta pajamas. This attire is perfect for formal occasions like weddings as well as Indian festivals. Kurta pajamas with waistcoats are apt for men who don’t want to compromise with comfort while sporting stylish Indo-Western menswear.

●  Indo-Western Sherwani

Indo-Western Sherwanis consists of a conventional Sherwani and churidar. The Western-style cuts and designs, however, make it suitable for formal Indo-Western menswear. The tweak in the styling of such Sherwanis imparts a sense of sophistication which is apt for parties and wedding ceremonies.

One should always keep in mind their personal preferences while looking for menswear online. Visit our website to get informed and browse through some of the fanciest options.

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