3 Easy Hijab Styles For School Girls

Hijab is an intricate element of Muslim women’s modest attire. With time, designers and bloggers have started appreciating and introducing modern and unique hijab styles for girls. Where women are considering choosing sophisticated styles, young girls are more into experimenting and finding their own cute styles.

3 Easy Hijab Styles For School Girls

There are significant ways to wrap your head, but they are not as easy as they seem. Especially, if you’re new to the hijabi transformation, it’s challenging to get it right always, carrying it properly everywhere you go. From fancy to formal, casual, and school wear, these styles vary. School-going girls are hurriedly getting ready so preferably, they tie easy hijab styles. This blog is about addressing those very hijab styles for schools you can carry every day.
Things You Need To begin with, here’s what you should have a stock of:

1. A rectangular hijab fabric preferably in Turkish lawn, lawn sequins, or cotton, or jersey material.
2. Safety pins and scarf pins. (Similar to hairpins, these pins lost in the middle of nowhere, so keep these in bulk)
3. Plain Underscarf or inner cap.

And some inspiration to begin the process. Most of the girls in hijab browse through the internet for their unique styles. Let’s give you a lead to do so.

Ways to Tie Hijab Styles for School

Pakistani girls are rather simple. When they wish to tie a hijab in school, they have to follow certain guidelines and rules. Fancy scarf materials are impermissible on the premises so they prefer plain white scarves, most of the time. Or in some cases, navy blue, green, grey, or any other uniform colour the school advises. If you are a college girl in a hijab, stylizing the headcover with layers, prints, and decorative pins is fine, but school girls have to have limited styles. The easiest ones among all are as follows:

1. Hijab Style No. 1

The first style is extremely basic and suitable for girls with spectacles. Since the hijab looses from the corners, you can easily adjust your glasses and the length as per your dupatta. Follow these steps to get a perfect rounded shape style.
1. Wear a complete Underscarf of the same color. Since you’re going to keep the sides loose, it’s important to completely cover the hair beneath.
2. Now, with the left side shorter and the right side longer, adjust the fabric on your head.
3. Tuck in the shorter side on the right neck area.
4. Take the remaining towards the other side, surrounding the neck.
5. Lastly, adjust the loop underneath the material covering your front body side.

2. Hijab Style No. 2

This one is more sophisticated and we would recommend this if that suits your personality. The hijab style for girls doesn’t necessarily need an inner cap. Though these caps give ultimate support to the headscarf but depending on the face shape, you can choose the style accordingly. The same style would look suitable if taken as casual everyday wear. Here’s how to get the perfect look:
1. Equally, adjust the sides of your hijab. For better support, tie the sides neatly around the chin using a safety pin.
2. Now, take the right side over your head to the other side.
3. Adjust the longer left side by tucking it under the left side, around the neck.
4. And, you’re done!
Hope you’ll get an as neat result as the picture.

3. Hijab Style No. 3

The final hijab style for girls is an easy yet unique trick to cover your head. Again, an inner cap is not a compulsion but would be more supportive if worn. Such a style also looks perfectly splendid when worn with casual abaya wear. For the school look, here’s how you can tie it:
1. Make the right side short enough to reach your shoulder only.
2. Pin up the sides from your chin part neatly.
3. Take one corner of the left, long side to the right side above your head.
4. Grab the other side and pin it up on the same left side of your head. Ensure this time you’re using your front to change the sides.
5. Now adjust the fabric nicely and you’re done.


These days, wearing modest hijab styles in schools is a common practice. There are many religious schools that follow it as a uniform. If you’re on such a path at this age, know that you’re doing great already and will get rewarded on judgment day. As far as the styles are concerned, we understand the hustles of the morning and hence suggest to you the easiest ones we would choose. Hijab style no. 2 is our personal favorite as it looks subtle, comfortable, and stylish. Find your unique style and experiment with the top three among them. We too have experimented with different styles and found our unique identity. Girls in hijab look adorably attractive, follow the path and be the women you always wanted to be. Good luck.

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