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23 high-fiber food for a healthy and balanced diet:

A fiber diet means plant-based products that your stomach and small intestine cannot digest. It goes straight to your colon and digests there. Your daily fiber intake should be around 28 grams. Although, many people take almost 16 grams every day which is relatively less as compared to the recommended amount.

The fibers are mostly of two types.

  • Soluble fiber.
  • Insoluble fiber.

The soluble fiber can be fermented by the bacteria and our body can retain energy from it many health benefits are related to this. It can also be dissolved in water.

The insoluble fiber cannot be digested, it simply bulks up and increases the stool manufacturing process in your body. Sometimes it is necessary under certain conditions like hemorrhoids, or other bowel problems.

Here is the list of 23 high-fiber diets.

Broccoli flowerets:

Broccolis are rich in sulforaphane, it contains very low calories. A single cup of broccoli contains around 3.2 grams of fiber. Now you know how much broccoli it is needed to eat to meet the daily requirement.

Brussel sprouts:

These contain almost 4grams of fibers per cup. You can boil it in water for half an hour and it is good to eat.. It is super easy to access it from the vegetable market.


Daily eat a salad to meet your daily requirement. It takes almost 80 asparagus to complete the 28-gram daily requirement. However, you can add it with other fiber-rich products and make a salad.


Artichokes taste amazing on a pizza topping. It has almost 7 grams of fiber in it.

Acorn squash:

You need to cut the acorn, take out the seeds and boil it. Also, you can boil it with rice or potato.

Green peas:

It contains 9 grams of fiber per cup. Enough to meet your daily need with few peas. Also, there are rich in iron and many essential vitamins.

Black beans:

These are very important for healthy circulation, containing 18 grams of fiber per cup. It lowers the level of cholesterol and reduces the rate of heart problems. Either add them to dinner or make a salad. This sure taste is delicious and juicy.

Chia seeds:

With around 28 grams of fiber per ounce, chia seeds are also a great source of it. Surely, you can look up hundreds of recipes to make these. Although, the simplest one is to either mix them in a salad or eat with yogurt.

Split peas:

These contain almost 16 grams of fiber per cup. Either make a classic soup or look for a recipe to make these.


Raspberries contain 8 grams of fiber per cup. Mix these in your morning or evening cereal. These kill toxins and oxidants in your body. Surely, taste amazing too.


A lentil soup cup contains almost 16 grams of protein. Along with another dietary intake, you can reach your daily requirement easily with lentils. Fibers stable the body’s cholesterol and sugar levels.

Collard greens:

Collard greens are beneficial if you are looking to cut down on waste fat. It lowers your weight and gives you almost 7.6 grams of fiber. You can boil it and mix it in a salad.


Just like the other family member, raspberry. It also contains 7.6 grams of fiber per cup. This sweet pot all at once. Keep them in a jar in your kitchen and have a taste whenever these catch your sight.

Butternut squash:

It is best to control cholesterol levels too. A single cup contains 6.6 grams of protein. It reduces the VLDL levels and increases HDL levels. Good cholesterol is useful for our body.

Kidney beans:

Like all the beans, these are also rich in fibers. Kidney beans contain 6.6 grams per cup.


These are also called garbanzo beans. Moreover, these make a delicious salad. You can add onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and other veggies and make a high-fiber snack. You can look for many recipes to make chickpeas. If you got nothing to eat, these can work as a complete meal too.


These are not chickpeas or beans but do contain a sufficient amount of fiber. You can eat these by adding in a salad. These contain 5.6 grams of fiber per tablespoon.


These root vegetables contain 5.6 grams of fiber per cup. You can boil these for half hours or roast and enjoy the deliciousness.

Pomegranate seeds:

This delicious fruit is full of fiber. You can eat as many pomegranates as you can access. These kill fat cells, destroy toxins, and boost your immune system.


These contain 5.6 grams of fibers. Although, do not peel off the skin as it is the source of fiber in it. pears are the same as oranges, apples. Plus, more on the delicious side. A fresh pear can be so tasteful that you might like it more than an apple.


Another great source of fiber-rich food is apples. You might not know about this, but apple contains 4.4 grams of protein per day. The bonus point is that these are good for the skin and detoxify the body. One thing to remember is that do not peel off the skin.


You know how to eat the oranges i.e peeling off the skin. These also contain 4.4 grams of fiber.


This fruit is the most delicious and very light. You can eat a few in one go. It is a good source of potassium and iron. The fiber amount is 3.1 grams.


The fiber diet helps your gut boosts its function. It reduces the risk of hemorrhoids, colon cancer, and other severe diseases. The good bacteria number is also increased when you eat fiber, they help digest it. moreover, if you are stressing over getting your pet in a no-pet-zone. You can get an ESA letter online and take him anywhere you want.

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