15 Different Ways to Print and Display Logo on Your Clothes

Things can be made easily recognizable as being from you by adding your logo to them. If you’re trying to build your very own product empire then it’s important for you to display the logo on your clothes. That’s why you need to know how to print a logo on the fabric while keeping the variety in the range that you intended.

Embroidering a Logo on Fabric

Now that we are aware of the benefits of printing our brand on fabric, how do we go about implementing it? You may apply your logo to cloth using a variety of techniques, including printing, embroidery, and transfers. View some of the top contenders below, and read our blog post Fabric Printing Methods: 6 Types & Techniques For Your Textiles for more information on printing techniques.

1. Printing on Transfer

On specialized paper known as transfer paper, your logo can be printed. Since all the magic takes place on the paper, you can print this with a regular inkjet printer. After your logo has been printed on the transfer paper, all you have to do is iron it onto the cloth.

2. Block Printing

This is a really simple method of printing. You’ll need a block, typically made of wood, with your logo carved into it to employ this technique. Print after putting your dye on the block. That’s how simple it is.

3. Printing on rollers

This technique is very useful when making labels in bulk or when you want to design a recurring pattern. You have a roller with your brand imprinted on it that is often made of iron or similar material. Then, all you have to do is add ink to the roller and roll it across the material to leave your logo behind.

4. Using screens

In recent years, screen printing has grown in popularity. In its most basic form, a screen is created by extending gauze over a frame and covering the cloth with it. After applying the ink paste to the frame, it is distributed evenly throughout the surface using a tool like a window cleaning squeegee. Then, using other screens on the same fabric, the process is repeated for additional colors.

5. Heat Printing

This printing technique leaves absolutely no texture. On specialized transfer paper, your logo is printed. This is then subjected to intense pressure and superheated (to temperatures higher than the iron you may use for transfer printing).

6. Embroidery

There are other ways to make your brand appear on the fabric you want to use, albeit they are not quite the same as printing a logo on cloth. With this technique, your brand is essentially sewn into the fabric. This can be done in a very subtle way or in a way that makes the logo appear embossed and much higher than the material.

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How to make a logo stand out when printed on cloth

Now that we’ve examined a number of techniques for printing your logo on cloth, you might be wondering how to incorporate this into your design. Knowing how to print a brand on fabric without it looking overdone might be challenging at times. Here, we explore a few alternative ways you can display your clothing while still incorporating your logo.

1. Across the Front Emblazoned

Be audacious, brilliant, and brazen. Spread your brand loudly and proudly on the front of your clothing. With this approach, your logo practically serves as your entire design rather than just a component of it.

2. Included in the Design

Why not try incorporating your brand into your design as opposed to making it the full thing? In this manner, your logo can be incorporated into each of your designs without resulting in a collection of your logo in various colors.

3. As a Pattern Repeat

You could always make your logo a little repeat that makes up your entire design rather than making it one big motif or a component of your larger design. Consider the wares from Louis Vuitton.

4. In the Pocket

Try printing your brand on the garment’s pocket for a more understated look. This is a fantastic way to add your unique style, whether it’s to a pair of slacks or jeans, a tee with a breast pocket, a sweater, or even a jacket.

5. on the Chest

Don’t worry if the chest doesn’t have a pocket. On the breast of your t-shirt, you can print your logo. This is a terrific two-fern strategy since it creates a chic, sophisticated spin on a logo t-shirt or a whimsical, original accent to a plain top.

6. The Neck Label Internal

Why not think about figuring out how to print a logo as the label on the same fabric that the clothes is manufactured from instead of using a regular label on your outfit? This provides you with a larger canvas than a typical label, and as a result, it’s like adding an entirely new design that is only visible to your customers.

7. On the Sleeve

Although placing your brand on the sleeve is less typical, it is a very successful tactic. Your trademark is on the fabric of the sleeve while not detracting from the garment’s main design.

8. At the Back

without covering the entire front of your outfit, loud and bold. Think about the back of the outfit when considering how to print a brand on fabric and apparel. This enables it to be visible and understandable without taking over too much of your primary design.

9. On a Sticker

A label placed inside the neck has already been discussed. However, there are further methods than employing labels to affix your logo to your goods. From the tiny label that often hangs inside a side seam to the label tab that covers the bottom of your outfit. Any garment label that you choose can display your logo.

How to logo print on cloth

Winter will soon arrive, therefore you must be considering buying new clothing, such as hoodies and coats. You don’t have any plans to get a plane hoodie, right? You must desire some fantastic ideas or a favorite image to be printed on it. We’ve covered a variety of methods for printing your logo on fabric so far. You might choose to include a label or incorporate your logo into the design itself. It is solely up to you to make a decision. You could attempt to do it yourself, but the likelihood of error would be increased.

You can even visit a store or other establishment and inform them about your personalization. These days, ordering a custom hoodie is much easier. There are a tonne of websites that offer tools that enable you to make designs according to your preferences and alter them according to your preferred color, size, fabric, and other factors. Now that you’ve read this blog, you’re ready to start one for yourself, So, Go and start creating. GOODLUCK!!

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