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11 Classic French Rustic Furniture for Elegant Living Room

Nowadays people are more inclined toward adding classic furniture to their living room. One particular furniture for a living room is the Classic French Rustic Furniture.

In this blog I will write about 11 Furniture items that you should consider having for your living room.

French Writing Desks

This particular table has multiple drawers placed under its surface in order to contain documents and it plays a role of a desk. This attractive writing desk can be suitable for your living room to use it for work. Its design is not complex and formed by simple cross legs, pockets and drawers. Its relatively small size enables you to place it in any corner of the house without taking much room.

French Bookcases

This item could be a perfect addition in order to have a mix between your classic and modern living room furniture. It is perfectly designed to display your most loved possessions and books. Usually they are designed and handmade by talented craftsmen in order to be attractive and effective.


French Chic Coffee Tables

The beautiful attention to detail and traditional shaping has given these coffee tables their attractiveness. They are perfect if you want to add a traditional effect to your living room. There’s no better way to show off your classic living room furniture better than having coffee with your friends on this French Chic Coffee Table.


French Display Cabinets

These French Display Cabinets could be perfectly teamed with French Bookcases in order to highlight your most beautiful and expensive house items. They can easily add to any living room corner beauty and elegance.

french 2

French Console Tables

French Console Tables can add to your living room a romantic effect. These tables could be covered by real silver or gold leaf. They are usually small in size and are very suitable for living rooms.

french 3

French TV Cabinets

These cabinets are a perfect example for having a mix between a modern living room with classic furniture. You can display your brand new LED TV on it and have at the same time a romantic and classic effect. They have also drawers and sometimes shelves enabling you for displaying some of your favorite items.

french 4

Chic Side Tables

These very simple tables could be used if you’re looking to display a stylish lamp in your living room or any contemporary media unit. They are usually affordable and their simplicity can add beauty to your living room.


Classic style portrait

Adding a vintage portrait in living rooms is something French homes are known to do. If you could have a classic style portrait or painting  highlighted in a frame or an antique vase on a console table, you will have a French charm touch added to your living room.


Add Moldings

The first thing that comes to our minds when we think about French design is having Molding installed in the ceilings, walls and doors. Painting moldings the same color as the walls is characteristic for Parisian interior designs.

Pendant Lights

Adding Pendant lights are widely used and people cannot get enough of them. However you should pay attention to their size because if you go small they will be useless and having large pendant lights would be too much. In other words they should be proportional to your living room size. 

Add an Organic Touch

Bringing in to your living room fresh cut stems or houseplants is something French designers recommend to be mixed with your classical touch. After all, bringing some plants to your home is also healthy.

This blog was not written to encourage you to implement every 11  item in your living room but make you  consider adding at least 2 or 3 of them in order to give it a touch from the Classical French design’s magic.

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