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10 Websites Structure Facts Everyone Should Know About

Websites Introduction

Today we are talking about Websites. If you offer web development services, you should consider SEO best practices to make your website as user-friendly as possible. When you are making a website, you should make its structure simple and eye-catching. Even minor options should be noticeable and tempting.

This way, a website user is more likely to interact with the website. What are the top ten ways in which website structure can affect your search engine optimization efforts? Here are the top ten ways in which website structure can affect your search engine optimization efforts

Websites Crawlability

Is your website easy enough to be crawled by search engine robots or spiders? If your website is easy to crawl, search engines are more likely to crawl and index your website, and  In case your website is not good to be crawled properly, you should make it better. You can also learn House drawing from our websites

Websites URL Structure

Is the URL structure of your website easy to understand for the users and search engines? The URLs of your website pages and posts are important in this regard. It is good if the URLs of your website are self-explanatory and short.


What security protocols have you used to set up your website? HTTPS builds trust because people know it is a sign of a secure website. If you want to take payments on-site, you should implement HTTPS.

Internal websites Linking

Internal linking is an important thing to do when you are doing the SEO of a website. Linking among pages and posts should be according to best practices to make internal linking SEO-friendly. YOu can also post on free Guest posting Websites. For example Dewarticles

Key Content & Keywords

The text content and visual contents are important for your search engine ranking. You can engage your user by adding compelling written and visual content on your website pages and posts.

Duplicate Content

Some portion of duplicate Content does not harm your website too badly, but you should better not have duplication or copied Content at all. Check plagiarism of all of the pages and posts to make sure

Navigation & User Experience

The role of the user experience is growing day by day. Even If your website is easy to navigate, and users can find everything easily, your website is user-friendly.

Core Websites Vitals & User Experience

By Core Web Vitals, we mean some important areas of Google page experience update. These elements are important when optimizing images because they can affect the ranking of the pages and posts.

Mobile Experience

The role of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones is growing with time. Google is also paying more attention to mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Whenever you make changes to your website, you should check it on different mobile devices.

Speed & Performance

If the loading speed of your website pages and posts matters a lot when people browse your website from mobile devices and desktop computers.  Although It is good if your website pages and posts load properly within the first three (3) seconds when someone opens them.

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