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10 Rules for Truckers in Dubai to Drive Well on the Road and avoid Fines

There is a lot of responsibility that Truckers in Dubai must face. The job looks simple from the outside; however, it is not so. You must pay attention to a lot of things while making sure you complete your tasks on time.

Trucks in themselves are heavy vehicles and require the utmost attention of their drivers. If you are new to being a trucker in Dubai, we are here to help you. Below are some tips on how to drive well on Dubai road for truckers.

Pay extra attention while reversing:

Trucks are heavy vehicles, so they can be quite troublesome while reversing. Therefore, you should pay extra attention while you are doing so. It is important to make sure you do not go too fast to jam into something while reversing.

Keep all the mirrors adjusted:

While driving in Dubai, you should keep all your mirrors adjusted beforehand. Even while you drive, make sure your mirrors are in your desired position. It is essential for you to see the area and vehicles around you to avoid accidents.

Go easy on the gas:

Many truckers use too much gas while driving because of the weight of the truck. So, make sure while applying brakes you do not wait for the last moment. Lower your speed whenever you need to break, so you do not go through an extreme halt or jerk.

Practice as much as you can:

Practicing something will only make you better at it. Therefore, the more your practice, the more you will learn. Some things are learned through experiences. So, the more you drive on the roads of Dubai, the more you will adjust to them.

Plan your trips:

Planning your trips is essential as it allows you to figure out the course of your travel beforehand. Moreover, you can plan for stops and divide your time. If you are efficient at planning, then you can get your job done efficiently too.

Slow down around curves:

Another important thing to remember is to slow down while curving or approaching bumps. Since trucks weigh a lot, they are more prone to getting turned over. In addition to that, curving with high speed can also cause tyre damage. So, you should slow your truck down whenever you are going to turn or while approaching a bump.

Always wear your seatbelt:

Seatbelts are there in all vehicles for the protection of the drivers. Many truckers in Dubai avoid wearing seatbelts due to longer journeys. However, you should not do that. Seatbelts are crucial for safety during any mishappening. So, you should never take them off.

Keep a check of the weather:

Keeping a check on the weather can help you determine the condition of the roads. Moreover, it’s difficult to drive through rainy days. So, it is essential that you keep a check on the weather and be prepared for any such circumstances.

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Maintain proper stopping distance:

Maintaining a proper stopping distance protects your truck as well as you from accidents. Stopping too late can increase the chances of your truck getting jammed into the vehicle in front of you. Thus, you should maintain a proper stopping distance.

Pay attention to the speed limit:

Speed limits are mentioned on the roads for the truckers in Dubai. These limits let you know of the type of traffic there is on these roads. Moreover, they are these to maintain road safety. So, you should pay attention to them and stick to these limits while driving.

That was all! Now you know how you can drive well on the roads of Dubai. These tips not only help truckers drive well but also protect them from any danger. So, make sure you remember these tips and follow them.

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